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Comprehensive Financial Planning

A Good Plan is the Starting Point for Any Journey.

A Good Plan is the Starting Point for Any Journey.

At Global Financial Partners, we have developed and refined a process that helps plot the course for your financial journey. As your journey unfolds, or you hit bumps along the road, we help you adjust your course to be sure you get to your desired destination.

We employ sophisticated planning tools to help us plot your financial journey. With these tools we have the ability to project your path for years to come. As we get closer to your final goals, the destination, we adjust as necessary. In addition, we have the ability to model alternate routes along the way - this allows you to ask "what if" in order to make financial decisions based on potential outcomes. 

Along the way you have access to a personal "Financial Compass". Your Financial Compass gives you access to all of your financial life in one convenient, secure location. It allows you the ability to be involved in the planning process, and monitor the progress. It will also provide up to date reporting for things like Net Worth Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements.   

Define Goals

We not only get to know you and your family, but also your hopes and dreams. This is the foundation of everything we do.


Where are you today. We gather your current statements and get to know your overall financial situation. The more accurate we can be here, the better information we can produce for you. 


Now that we know you, and your current situation we take time to identify areas of opportunity. This is where the plan starts to come together and strategies take shape.

Present Strategies

We use our advanced planning tools to help you understand the road forward. This will involve not only strategies, but also the costs associated with any recommendation. It is important you understand how we get paid.


We will provide you with an investment policy statement showing how we intend to implement the strategies we have discussed with you. We then put the plan in place on your behalf and begin the process of working toward your goals.

Monitor and Adjust

Once implemented it is important to monitor our progress by having regular conversations and face to face interactions. As your goals change or we determine adjustments are needed we will work together make changes as necessary.